Excited, I go to the Bay!

April 23rd, 2010 might just be the day when I took my last academic exam for the rest of my life. It certainly was the last day of my MBA education. Twenty-two different teams and hundreds of discussions, ranging from a new pricing model for Amazon’s Kindle to crowdsourcing as a new monetizing strategy for YouTube epitomize the microcosm of my experiences in the last eighteen months. Based on these very experiences, I am confident in making a public declaration (although, not as drastic as the ones made by Thomas Friedman or Pankaj Ghemawat) – “My appetite for pursuing  all things business has taken an exponential leap.”

So, I am ready to re-launch my career and what better locale than the Bay Area. Juju’s job search difficulty index (Juju) definitely seems to be supporting my decision. Perhaps, the biggest driver is returning home to the hotbed of the hums of the newest hardware and buzzes of the newest blogosphere.

Excited, I go to the Bay.


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